Dress code for London escorts

In the escort serviced, there is no particular uniform that you should wear. However, you have to dress to kill. This helps complement the good looks. If you want to reach the peak levels of success as a London mature escort, you have to dress well. No need to worry, here is a guideline on how to dress well.

Dress to blend well during the date.
While the truth is that you are an escort, it doesn’t have to show in your dressing. Don’t wear the kind of clothes that go shouting “I am a mature escort”. Take care though, for while you should dress to enhance your attributes it shouldn’t be vulgar. Advised by cindy she works for Your escort agency in London . She added –  Escorts should dress to kill but in a professional way. If you happen to know where you will be meeting your client, your dressing should match the occasion.

Take note of time.
If you are meeting your client during the day, you shouldn’t be dressed in night wear. This is the case too if it’s a late evening meet-up. The proper time for night wear is 9PM and beyond. The same goes for daytime wear, it shouldn’t be worn at night.

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Apply makeup tastefully.
While makeup enhances your looks, too much of it is interpreted otherwise. The level of makeup depends on the occasion. For instance, if you will be meeting your client for a gala, it is more exaggerated. If it’s simply for a meal, make it light. Too much of anything is poisonous, you don’t want your makeup all over your clients` clothing. Apply just what is enough.

As much as you want the fragrance, avoid perfumes. Says Lina – she is one of the top rated mature escort London .  work for one of the top agency in here. she added –  Perfumed lotions nonetheless are acceptable. As you are well aware, the London escort service involves a lot of discreteness. Many clients don’t want to go home with the smell of foreign perfume all over their clothes. Worse still, some clients are allergic to perfumes. You never know whether your client is allergic ad you don’t want to take the risk. Avoid perfumes!

Jeans are quite casual and they are good at enhancing a woman’s buttocks. However, when meeting your client avoid jeans. Unless the client has specified the meet up place as casual, don’t wear jeans. To keep up the professionalism involved in the London escort service, I insist that you should not wear jeans.

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An escorts nails should extend past the fingertip slightly. A French manicure is perfect for escorts. If polished, it should always be freshly done and not chipped or marred. To keep up a professional escort image, keep your nails this way.

The shoes you wear should go with the kind of clothes you wear. You no doubt should sexy in your shoes. This brings about heels. Well, if you are comfortable walking in them no problem. It’s however wise to wear heels. Put one flat shoes that you feel comfortable in but of course don’t wear trainer. Wearing them could ruin your reputation.

Use modern accessories that complement your dressing. However, don’t exaggerate on this for it is a disadvantage. A lot of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings could hamper your undressing when dealing with a client. Time is of essence in the London escort  agencies  and you don’t to waste any of it visit this site .

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For you to look good you have to go for quality. Choose clothes and shoes that fit perfectly. As for clothes, if they don’t fit, you can have them tailored . Tailoring clothes sets in a sense of class and sophistication.

Escorts have profiles, they have personalities too. The reputation your profile paints is what attracts clients. Dress in a way that matches your image. This way your clients will have a real feel of you.